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What every sales professional needs to have on their CV if they want a chance of being interviewed by the fastest growing DigiTech/SaaS leaders

We sent out a questionnaire to 100 SaaS companies that recently received funding to gather the data. Out of 60 responses, here are the top 8 things SaaS leaders look for on a CV:

1. Keep your CV to two pages.

2. Include a photo- You can use your LinkedIn photo.

3. Indicate your Location – You don't have to put your full address, but indicate a part of your postcode, Town and City.

4. Include your Sales Targets versus your Actuals (MRR or ARR or TCV or AOV). Also include your Sales Target for the year and what you've achieved to date. For extra points, include the logos you have closed deals with.

5. What are the products you are selling? Specify if it's SaaS or EdTech or HealthTech.

6. Specify the Region you are selling into (for example: UK, EMEA or Worldwide)

7. Who is the Buyer? Indicate the Persona and the Level i.e. C-Suite.

8. Sales Cycle- Indicate the sales cycle duration. Is the sale from cold to close? Are you working with an SDR or inbound leads? Are you doing Hunting/Farming? What is the bias?

Other things to consider.

What you are trying to do is make the invisible visible and create a clear value proposition.  In addition to these top 8, here are my own suggestions. 

If you are a top performing sales person,  provide some context and indicate your team size (top sales in a team of 5, 10, 30?).

Include your achievements. For example, you have increased the company’s Average Order Values, reduced the Sales Cycle, your largest deal size, opened up new territories or opened up new verticals. 

We hope this information helps you to advance your career.

If you've got any questions about your CV or LinkedIn profile, contact Paul Foster at Skylan Recruitment or send a message over LinkedIn.

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