DigiTech Leaders Series

Transforming Your ARR with an Effective Pre-Sales Setup

In our most recent DigiTech Leaders series, we bring you an exclusive session with Bruce McKay, a trailblazing Pre-Sales/Sales Engineering Leader. Brace yourselves for insights that will reshape the way you approach Sales Engineering in the fast-paced realm of modern scaling SaaS/Tech companies.

In the video, you will discover the secrets to building a high-performing Sales Engineering team with Bruce, as he unravels the mysteries of :

Defining what a modern Sales Engineering function should look like

Decoding the Timing Secrets for Building a High-Performance Sales Engineering Team

Crafting the Ideal Sales Engineering Profile to Propel Your Tech Company Forward

Measuring and Elevating SE Performance Maximizing Impact through Sales Engineering Collaboration with Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

Steer Clear of Common Pitfalls for Seamless Success

Anticipating the Evolution of the Sales Engineering Function in Tomorrow's Tech Landscape

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