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How many appointments should your team of SDR’s be booking for your early stage SaaS start up?

Paul Foster who heads up Skylan Recruitment Ltd speaks to John Humphray, a seasoned SaaS leader in growing successful SDR teams across the globe. We find out what the best software tools your SDR's / Inside sales team should be using. Also we discover out what the best sales methods to use to ensure the maximum amount of appointments when working in the Enterprise space

1:13 We find out more about the SaaS platform Reputation.com

Reputation.com is a complete holistic online reputation management platform available on the web.The only tool you need to ensure that as an enterprise business with multiple locations, you're always putting your best foot forward at all times on the internet no matter where the customer may find you.

1:45 Does Reputation.com focuses purely on the enterprise?

Yes, for now the core focus is in an enterprise market. It will work in the SMB space (Small to Medium-sized Business) as well. However, it's a piece of software that helps you aggregate a lot of actable insights and get the review data that may live online. So essentially, it comes into its own when you're a multi-location business trying to look after hundreds-of-thousands of social pages and review pages.

2:25 We learn about the growth of Reputation.com

John joined the company 3 to 3 and half years ago and he is one of the first five employees. First five employees include him, 2 sales executive, financial manager and a marketing personnel. From there, they grew massively. Reputation.com initially had one enterprise logo, a large real estate company/estate agents which is Belvoir Property Group. Then they penetrated the U.K. enterprise market and go after the largest logos in the U.K. and Europe starting with the top 100 by way of location count.

4:01 What are the key challenges that you can share to the Founders/ Heads of B2B SaaS platform?

Find the best route to market for their solution. Position the product correctly at the right level first with some of the largest enterprise organisations in the world (e.g. autospace like Toyota, Mazda, Kia etc.). Finding the right SDR is crucial for the sales function at enterprise level. 

6:26 What skills and traits are you looking for in an SDR? How do you make sure that your new recruit are going to perform and help you achieve target?

Look for somebody with potential, with hunger, who is looking to develop and is looking for an opportunity. Young, ambitious, hungry person and who's looking to progress through the sales role (field sales role or manager) or purely talent or potential. From there, it's a lot easier to implement best practice, and to impart the knowledge that you've got and adopt the cookie-cutter approach. Work in a uniform way, in the way that is successful and we know works. Do training sessions and bring them together and monitor productivity. 

8:40 What should be the hard skills of an SDR? 

They need to be analytical, thorough in their approach, be curious and also very, very, very good with people which the key attribute. One of the core attributes is having wit, being sharp, personable, being able to put somebody at ease and have a good conversation from the outset. Confidence is key as well.

10:05 What KPIs should be adopted to ensure success for an early stage? 

Not massive on KPI's, not big on numbers, prefers quality over quantity. It's more of the results first. I used to look at 40 quality activities (20 emails and 20 calls or 30 emails and 10 calls).

11:34 When prospecting, do you approach 3 personas within the enterprise to ensure success? 

It's thorough research to begin with, both on the company and the personnel within. Work on accounts and account levels “work 4-6 accounts a day and target 10,12 people within that organisation”. From C-suite director level right the way down to manager level. Look for a departmental-hierarchy which includes the Director, or the main decision maker at a C-suite. Instead of firing-off individual emails to one person, include 2-3 more people that will give at least 3 chances for the price of 1. 

13:52 In the SDR function, which software tools/sales automation is the most effective?

A lot of information that we need is attainable through basics, LinkedIn, Social Media, etc. Do deep research and use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. From a more high-level perspective with quick result, direct-dial, Upstream, Winmo and Outreach. Do your own research, making a call through to obtain telephone number.

15:56 Would you always link one SDR to one Enterprise Sales Manager?

One to one approach was a lot more effective in the early days and once you got a number of clients you can be a little bit more flexible with that. To stringently stick to one-to-one can be difficult.

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