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Do virtual meetings strengthen relationships with customers/clients?

Video meetings with my customers & clients before the lockdown would involve some simple preparations,  Wifi solid? Office door closed? Phone on silent? Ready!

Working from home,  the preparation is far more complex.  Now I have to inform my wife about my virtual meetings, hope my eight year old daughter doesn’t ask me any questions about her home work just as I am on a call and prey my baby son doesn’t cry too loud. Furthermore I try my best to arrange a call either before or after the postman sets my dog off on a barking marathon, which always results in everyone in the family running around the house chasing after the dog to keep her quiet.  Hiding in cupboards, pressing mute were some of the tactics I have used.

Now a few months on,  virtual meetings are great. Because everyone has realised that we are human, we work from home, we have interruptions. This has resulted in getting to know my customers on a much more personal level. They are more relaxed and happy to be themselves – interruptions and all. I have learnt things about them that I doubt I would have if we were all in the office.

Keen to know if you have experienced the same?

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