You’re a top performing senior level player in the B2B SaaS space and you are ambitious to drive your career forward. You want access to the best jobs in the fast growth early stage companies.
We can help!

We get it, changing jobs can be a huge disruption to your life. You are under pressure to perform in your current role as well as trying to balance your career with time spent with your family and friends. So the thought of changing jobs can be stressful.

However, implemented correctly, our process can ensure that there is a minimum impact on your time and you get that career advancement you deserve.

What you can expect working with us

We want to make sure we can work together and there is mutual trust.

In this call we want to identify what success means to you and how your next job will help you achieve it.

If we are all happy, we can work together in a partnership, we progress on to the next stage.

The assessment is critical to being able to help you take your next step up the career ladder. We spend the time to really understand you.

We want you to visualise your career in three years from now.  You have the job of your dreams in a great company, you are happy and content – so tell us what does it look and feel like?


As your trusted advisor we will provide you with the latest trends in your specific industry space. We inform you about the fastest growing companies in the UK & Europe so you can make informed decisions about who are the best companies to consider working for.

We know our clients, so we understand exactly what they are looking to assess from the interview process.  By briefing you ahead of the interview we can help you optimise your interview performance.

We will identify how this job will help you achieve your career goals and accelerate your career forward. We will also identify your concerns, doubts and explore if this is the next best step for your career.

Once we have debriefed with the hiring manager(s) we will share this with you – warts and all!

We do our best to get the very best offer for our candidates, we will already pre-close you on hypothetical offers/acceptance so if we don’t feel that the offer will be accepted, we will not extend the offer.

Candidate Testimonials Skylan

Paul @ Skylan was totally on point for me with the candidate experience. He shared the exact insight I needed and was extremely patient with me. Paul is a true professional and has untold experience in working with some of the most successful and fastest growing tech startups in the world. I cannot recommend Skylan highly enough.

Scott Campbell-Quinn

Enterprise SaaS Sales

Candidate Eligibility

  • You are ambitious to drive your career forward; you accept that to make huge strides in your career then you need to be ready to take your leap of faith to accelerate your career.
  • You are in a sales, marketing or a customer success role where you are a top 20% performer
  • You accept that even the very best professionals can benefit from career & interview coaching
  • You ready emotionally and mentally to make the next step.
  • You are willing to provide professional references which will back your achievements
Skylan Candidates
Candidate testimonials

Paul helped me to get my current position at in early January 2018. I applied for the role listed online in mid-December 2017 and within a day or two, Paul had got in touch to go through the role in more detail, as well as talk through my CV and past experience to gauge whether I was a good fit for and maybe more importantly, vice-versa.

Throughout the hiring process, Paul was very friendly and always available for a chat to talk about interview preparation or anything else I needed to ask, and he was quick to get back in touch after the first interview to give me feedback and arrange my second interview. When I was invited back for a second interview, due to availability restraints Paul was able to arrange this interview for later the same day as my first interview which was incredibly helpful and goes to show how hard he works for his clients and candidates.

We spoke numerous times leading up to my first interview with as he coached me about the role’s primary responsibilities and the company itself. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone looking for a new role, or to any business looking for a dedicated recruitment expert who will go above and beyond to fill your vacancies

Christopher Eden, MBA

Marketing Operations EMEA at