DigiTech Leaders Series

What skills/characteristics to look for when building out a B2B SaaS Enterprise Sales Team?

Paul Foster who heads up Skylan Recruitment Ltd speaks to Ivan Grisedale, a seasoned leader in the B2B SaaS start-up space. We get his insight into the changing world of SaaS, Sales and what it takes to grow a business in this forever-changing landscape.

3:41 Find out more about the AI-based SaaS platform Tilkee

Tilkee helps Salespeople and marketers. It alerts them when and how their prospect/clients interact with any collateral type they send via any channel. It can boost their conversion rates and shorten their sales cycle.

4:42 Tilkee's target clients. Enterprise, mid-market or any sales marketing function?

Enterprise-level clients. Ideally, companies that might have 100 plus salespeople in the organisations. The platform can be used for small to mid-size businesses as well.

5:45 Key challenges in introducing a French-based SaaS platform to the UK Market

Market entry, brand visibility, timing is very important and market fit. Having the right team on board is crucial.

7:05 Disadvantages as a sales function taking it to new heights

Lack of awareness of the company and the solution itself. Fear over deliverability with a new company and longevity. It can be outweighed by trusting experienced people within the business and embracing new technology.

7:58 Do you have to change your sales approach/route to keep up?

10-15 years ago, there were detractors, but I think it changed at such a rapid pace. There's always competition for new entrances that pushes the bar up for everybody.

9:06 Advice for the founders of SaaS businesses or CEOs regarding the type of Sales individual they need

98% of start-ups fail during the first 2-5 years. It's usually because the founders fall out which is a known stat. Success and failures can come for many reasons but rough rides breed adaptable survivors.

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